48% of HUMAN BODIES Visitors Have Abandoned Bad Habits After Visiting the Exhibition

The exhibition shows some organs in which the effects of diseases such as stroke or bad habits such as smoking can be seen.

Barcelona, ​​November 4, 2019. There are some books or movies that because of the way they are written or the stories they tell, are able to make us rethink certain aspects of our lives. That is exactly what happens with “Human Bodies. Anatomy of life” exhibition.

The exhibition, permanently installed in Barcelona, ​​leaves a mark on its visitors to the point of changing harmful habits that until then were present in their daily lives. Human Bodies is formed by 12 complete bodies and more than 150 organs that show the functioning of the interior of our organism. Thus, during the visit, we can see what makes our body move, think or how life originates. “The exhibition fulfills a necessary and very important mission at the level of social education. It is a true practical class of anatomy and physiology suitable for all audiences, with scientific rigor and from the deepest respect of the donors,” explains Rafael Latorre, Scientific director of the exhibition.

According to a survey conducted among the more than 125,000 visitors of the exhibition since its opening in the CC Arenas de Barcelona, ​​after its journey through “Human Bodies. Anatomy of life” 48 % of attendees have modified their lifestyle towards a healthier one. 51 % say they started to exercise more and 62 % afirm that, as a result of the visit, they have made changes in their eating habits, betting on a more balanced diet.

On the other hand, in the anatomical sample we also find pieces that reveal the effects of certain diseases or common habits that are harmful to the human body. One of the most impressive to watch is the effects of smoking, in which we can see side by side the lungs of a smoker located next to those of a non-smoker, or the cut in which the physiological result of a stroke can be observed on the human brain.

Thanks to pieces like these, those who at the time of their visit used to drink alcohol, tobacco or junk food have carried out an important reflection on this type of habits. 60 % of frequent fast food consumers have decreased the intake of this type of products, 2 out of every 3 people who drank alcoholic drinks daily have reduced alcohol consumption or they have abandoned it and, finally, that 50 % of smokers who have visited the sample have stopped using tobacco or reduced their addiction. “It is truly shocking. Seeing in first person the effects of alcohol or tobacco on a real human body necessarily makes you reflect” says one of the attendees to the exhibition.

In conclusion, with these figures in hand and social formation as the main objective, “Human Bodies. Anatomy of life” focuses on the importance of healthy habits by teaching everyone who visits, the weaknesses and strengths of the human body.

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