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You don’t have to book tickets in advance although it’s recommended. Buying tickets online helps beat the queues and ensures the exhibition isn’t sold out on the day your visit.

We recommend you visit during the week or in the morning to avoid delays at the ticket office.

Absolutely. In fact, many of our visitors are children. Kids are among those who most enjoy and learn from their visit to HUMAN BODIES. The exhibition has been designed to be educational and has been produced in partnership with the makers of the well-known TV series ‘Once Upon a Time… Life’.

The easily understandable and entertaining individual audio guide helps immerse the thousands of children who visit every year in this journey beyond the frontiers of our skin.

There is also an educational guide in Spanish and Catalan to allow you to prepare for your visit or read up on the things you have learnt at the exhibition. Contact us for more information.

As you will see for yourself, HUMNA BODIES is a world away from being gory or sensationalist. Instead, it adopts an educational approach to the human body. This ensures that even the most sensitive people can enjoy the inside of the human body like never before, without any unpleasant feelings.

We have designed the exhibition with each and every one of our visitors in mind. It is specially adapted for people with reduced mobility. People with hearing difficulties can request a transcript of the audio guide at the ticket office to allow them to fully enjoy their visit.

In our experience, visitors need between 60 and 90 minutes to fully enjoy the HUMAN BODIES exhibition. There’s no need to rush, though. You can stay in the exhibition as long as you want!

Unfortunately, we can’t help you donate your body to science even though we sometimes carry out awareness-raising campaigns. We recommend you consult the Faculty of Medicine at the nearest university and explain your situation.

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