General information



All tickets for the HUMAN BODIES exhibition in Barcelona include the free use of an audio-guide that can be downloaded using a QR code, available in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and other languages. Remember to make sure you have enough battery power and to bring your own headphones.


You can also purchase the official catalogue for the exhibition when buying your ticket.
Limited stock.


The HUMAN BODIES exhibition at the Arenas Shopping Centre is fully accessible.


Visitors are reminded that taking photographs or videos is not allowed inside the exhibition, except for accredited members of the PRESS.


Benches are available throughout the exhibition to allow visitors to rest.


The Human Bodies team has produced a comprehensive learning pack with exercises. The materials are ideal for school groups to make the most of the experience.
See the EDUCATION page for more information.


To ensure the comfort of your visit, we ask you to keep your mobile phone on silent and refrain from raising your voice during your visit.

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