HUMAN BODIES exceeds 60,000 visitors in Barcelona

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More than 60,000 people visited the traveling exhibition ‘HUMAN BODIES. ANATOMY OF LIFE’ in Barcelona, since its opening at the Arenas Shopping Center in Plaza España. More than 7,000 people have already booked their tickets to do so during the upcoming months in the city of Barcelona, where due to its 400 visits on weekdays and 700 on weekends the exhibition has become one of the most visited exhibits of the season in Catalonia.

More than 16,500 scholars (770 from more than 250 schools, high schools, and formation centers) came to visit the exhibit to understand human body functioning and develop consciousness about healthy life habits.

Defined as the most shocking and teaching exhibit of the last years, HUMAN BODIES shows more than 150 organs and 12 human bodies throughout its more than 1,000 square meters of the exhibit.

The exhibition has been conceived to be visited by all audiences. Exhibit’s director Luis Ferreiro states that ‘visiting the exhibition is a unique opportunity to get to know what’s behind our own skin. Something fascinating that is usually impossible to see; an experience that was exclusive to medical students and now everyone can enjoy, no matter their studies or age’.

‘To be able to see what makes your body move, think, how it can create life or witness the consequences of smoking or sedentarism is an experience that you will for sure always remember

The recommended visit takes around 75 minutes, and it’s done with a free audio guide available in several languages.


‘HUMAN BODIES. ANATOMY OF LIFE’ is open to the public from Monday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 09:30 p.m. (last entry at 08:00 p.m.). Tickets to visit the exhibition can be purchased at the ticket office (3rd floor of the Arenas de Barcelona Shopping Center) or online visiting  from 7 €. Discounts can be applied for under 18, students, young-card holders, members of large families and over 65’s.

Furthermore, teachers will be allowed free access if they ask for accreditation before February 28th on, so they can go further on their anatomy knowledge.


Throughout its 8 rooms, ‘HUMAN BODIES. ANATOMY OF LIFE’ offers an intimate and educative journey through what skin hides to show the raw beauty of each human body part and explain their function.

The exhibition guides every visitor through the osseous, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous and urinary system. You will be able to see real human hearts, human muscles in movement, livers and stomachs, and even blackened out lungs due to smoking. ‘The pedagogic objective of the exhibit is very important’ says Dr. Rafael Latorre, Scientific director of the University of Murcia, exhibit’s scientific and medical associate institution.


The good conservation and exposition of the 12 complete bodies and more than 150 organs that compose HUMAN BODIES exhibit is only possible thanks to an advanced medical technique called plastination.

Quoting Dr. Rafael Latorre it is ‘a process that takes some weeks or months, where liquids and part of organs’ fat tissues are replaced slowly by a polymer, in vacuum and freezing’. ‘HUMAN BODIES. LIFE’S ANATOMY’ is the only anatomy exhibition in the world that exhibits original bodies plastinated in Spain, on the cutting edge Dr. Latorre’s laboratory.

Musealia, the international exhibition firm that developed this exhibit, has agreed with the University of Murcia to donate each of the pieces to the University once the exhibition is over to further medical investigations.

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