The exhibition

An unforgettable journey around the inside of the human body

Captivating and impressive at the same time, HUMAN BODIES is much more than an exhibition: it is a truly unforgettable experience, an amazing journey around the inside of the human body, where more than 150 individual organs and 12 complete bodies will help you enjoy a show about life as you never thought possible.

All the teaching and learning methods from the mythical television series “Once Upon a Time… Life” are combined now with the most advanced plastination techniques to reproduce in 3D, with real parts, the very depths of your body so you can get to know just what is under your skin.

From the development of humans to digestion or the nervous system, passing through conception of a new being, everything has its own space in HUMAN BODIES, an exhibition that will help you understand how the most perfect machine ever created – your very own body, actually works, and how to make wise decisions before it is too late.

And that is precisely the objective of HUMAN BODIES, to make you reflect on life itself, the longest, most unique and personal journey you will ever make.

Have you ever seen the effects of obesity or diseases like cancer on the human body? And do you know what happens to your lungs or liver through bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol?

Well, now you will be able to see this for yourself. At last the exhibition everyone was waiting for: HUMAN BODIES, an exhibition that will change your idea about the experience of life, disease and also the need to look after your body.

Come and embark on a journey with the help of individual sound equipment, which you will be given free with your entrance ticket, on a fascinating journey under your skin and enjoy the show of your existence as the general public has never been able to before.

All the bodies and organs exhibited in HUMAN BODIES are real.